Sonic RPG Style Battle

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Sonic RPG Style Battle

2nd UPDATE: since people are epicly whining because it’s not uber-easy heres all the stats for Mecha Sonic and the ranges used for each attack:

Mecha Sonic MaxHP = 5000
Mecha Sonic MaxMP = 2000
Ranges for Normal Attack = 100 to 450
Ranges for Magic Attack[Machine Gun] = [50 to 100] 5 times
Cost for Magic Attack [Machine Gun] = 400 MP
Ranges for HP Recovery = 600 to 800 HP gained, 800 MP lost
Ranges for MP Recovery = 300 to 500 MP gained, 600 HP lost
Ranges for Sonic’s Normal Attack = [5 to 25] 18 times
Ranges for Sonic’s Magic Attack = [100 to 450] 2 times

there, you can stop whinging now, you know his stats

UPDATE: Fixed all known bugs, should run sweet now ^^; if you spot any others please pm me so i can get them fixed

Long story short, objective is to beat the boss.

instructions are in the game

This is my first game ever, so i hope you like it. =3
This was was to test my interactive abilities so i can integrate it into upcoming movies

Just because this is my first ever game does NOT mean it will be easy! Quite the opposite! >-)

I reccomend setting quality to Medium or even Low

If you like this then please say, I might just make more and better things like this in the future =3


Sonic RPG Style Battle screenshots


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