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Shin arrives in a nearby town lost, desperate to find his way. He needs a map to get back home. This is a short game… he needs to do some quests and mini games. You can level up, add stats and shop for item. If you buy a gift for the Girl in front of the Store. you get to do a minigame.
Please read the instructions in the beginning to know the CONTROLS or at least read what the ppl says in there as they will teach you a little bit.
Please let me know what you think as I will change as it goes along.
Sorry i have to resubmit this file cuz I gaved music credit only at the ending of the game which I want to give them out here.

I updated a little bit
*some grammar issues
*tutorial on stats
*add 1 damage each time you level up
*and some minor things

Wild Arms – Michiko Naruke music.
Tales of Destiny – Motoi Sakuraba music
Inuyasha – Longing
Dark Clouds – Mission!!/Two Moon.

Shinland screenshots


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