Raccoon Adventure

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Raccoon 2D Side Scroller Adventure Game!

Click on objects/characters and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move!

This has been a while in the making and I am so happy to have something new
and finished to show you guys. I was so incredibly excited to be able to move
one of my characters and click and collect things, its something so simple but
so rewarding for me! : )

Ever since I saw my talented friend :iconsteffne:’s Calvin Adventure Game I had a
dream to make a mini adventure game of my own. Her game gave me the
motivation and inspiration to try one for myself so if you enjoyed playing this
please go play her game too its amazing!

I was also so inspired by two other deviantART artists that i follow, *teaganwhite
and *LuliTheBunny who make adorable animal artwork and all sorts of beautiful
things. Please go check them out too *u*;;

This game was never intended to be a proper game that you can play over and
over. I had never used actionscript 3.0 before so this was more of a small
project to test the waters. It is very easy and simple to “win” the game so please
note that when playing XD;

Artwork/characters (c) Kirsten Rayner / Squeaky Toybox 2013
Flash actionscript 3.0 assistance flashygoodness

Raccoon adventure flash game

Raccoon Adventure screenshots


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