Playground of Pocoyo

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Are looking for a platform of entertainment? Here, in the Playground of Pocoyo and his friends, you will have a great fun.

Now, start enjoying in the Playground of Pocoyo!! On this platform, you will be able to learn more about the characters of your favorite cartoon series, share an afternoon of Pocoyo home theater or enjoy moments of fun with games for children.

Click on the buttons of the menu of the Playground to decide that you want to do in the playground. If you do click on the characters in the platform, you will be able to learn about them.

If you like music, you can create your musical compositions by clicking on the option of the drum. Each character of the Playground will play an instrument and you can decide which characters should begin to play and when stopping, interacting with them in the platform through the computer’s mouse. You will see how much fun!!

Through the button of the projector from the Playground you can enjoy some episodes as if you were watching them with Pocoyo and his friends in the cinema. You know, prepare popcorns and enjoy with your friends on the Playground.

The last button from the menu of the platform, which is a command console, will allow you to access the area of the Playground games. There, you will find several games for having fun; find pairs of cards or discover what objects are shown in the camera, among others.

In addition, in the Playground, adults can control the time should kids enjoy fun on the playground through timer. When you have completed the selected time, the clock will sound to signal that game time is over.

What are you waiting for? Start now to enjoy the Playground platform where everything is fun and learning!


The game’s alternate titles (except for Playground de Pocoyo) are the sub-games it contains.

Alt titles

Playground de Pocoyo; El patinete de Elly; La Mรกquina de Colores; Matching Game; La Cรกmara de Pocoyo; Pocoyo Dance


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