Pico’s GodJob

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Here’s my game for the Picoday 2006!

Hold down “W” to jump HIGHER
“A” and “D”: Walk
Use Mouse to Aim
Hold down LEFT Mousebutton to increase the gunpower
Release left Mousebutton to release the shot

“S”: toggle gun/no gun 🙂

How to beat RoboGod:
You can’t kill him with your gun.
Jump multiple times on the buttons at the left side to rise the elevators on the right side.
Use the elevators to get on top of RoboGods head. Jump multiple times on the button at his head.

How to get to the golden key and back again alive:
On your way to the golden key you have to pass a screen with spikes above and below you. You have to pass this screen on your way back, again. Make sure that you pass this screen without getting hit. Don’t hold the jump-key to long, or else you’ll jump head-fist into spikes!
Remember: You can return to the pixie to receive healing 😀

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Pico's GodJob Gameplay

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