My Little Pony Find Objects

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My Little Pony Find Objects

My Little Pony Find Objects is a game where your skills are going to be tested. You have to do your best in this game in order to find the objects that are hidden in the image. You need the mouse to click on the hidden objects in order to find them as fast as possible, in the case you want a chance to reach the podium, where are only the best players in the world. In cae you don`t care about the podium you don`t have to worry about the timer. Don`t hurry to judge the game`s difficulty even though the first level is simple because you have to be more careful as you progress in higher levels where things are getting pretty difficult. You have to be careful at the details to find all the objects. A list is going to be at the top of the screen in order to help you know what objects to find. You have to be fast if you want a big score. at the top of the screen you have also the timer. Do your best to complete your goal in every level. Give us a simple like in this game to complete your goal successfully. You can leave us a comment to tell us about My Little Pony.

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