Mega Christmas Tree

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Merry Christmas! Have an obligary Mega Sceptile Christmas tree because this is the year of ORAS ใƒฝ(โ—‹ยดโˆ€`)๏พ‰โ™ช
I guess I drew way too many wise Kings/angels/shepards for the previous years, so have the shiny(huehue) Star of Bethlehem with the Christmas Tree this year instead ใƒพ(*ยดโˆ€๏ฝ€*)๏พ‰
(not like I didn’t draw the star last year but still…)

Also here’s a collection of all the previous Christmas pics I’ve drawn in the past years:
The Wise Delibird and the Staryu of Bethlehem by Eledora
“And there were shepherds…” by Eledora
Away in a Manger by Eledora
Christmas caroling by Eledora

Heavenly host by Eledora
Three Kings and Christmas Star by Eledora

…seriously looking back at my old Christmas stuff makes me kinda sad, because I totally still love most of my old art unlike many other artists… /;w;/

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