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Juruukur Bahan Utama Website Banner (Brunei)

Presentation on Sustainability Journey organized by JBU-DLS

On the 5th August 2009 JBU-DLS organized a presentation for the Ministry of Development on the subject ‘Sustainability Journey’. The talk was divided into two parts namely ‘Sustainability Journey – The Singapore Perspective’ and ‘Sustainability Journey – The Philippines Perspective’.

Guest speaker on the topic for Singapore was Mr. Eugene Seah who is a Green Mark Manager in Davis Langdon & Seah, Singapore. Mr. Seah is also is an executive director and partner of Davis Langdon & Seah Singapore. Mr. Seah leads the Sustainability Group in DLS whose services are entrenched in the concepts of sustainable construction. Mr. Seah also has extensive experience in Green Mark Projects in Singapore. Topics of the talk include Importance of Sustainable Development, Green Buildings, Singapore’s Sustainable Development Blueprint 2009, Green Mark Schemes and a Case Study on Zero Energy Building.

Guest speaker on the topic for Philippines was Mr. Henry Ricafort Realon who is a LEED® AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional of the US Green Building Council and also a director of Davis Langdon & Seah Philippines Inc. Mr. Realon has extensive experience as a Environmental Sustainability Consultant and is highly knowledgeable with the full process for achieving the LEED certification from the preparation of target credit checklist for both design and construction submittals right up to leading the certification process. The Philippines first pre certified LEED Gold for high rise premium office was achieved under Henry’s guidance.

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