HS: BtBT -Sleeping Knight-

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HS: BtBT -Sleeping Knight-

I did this to squee over BtBT having 50 posts, but the gif refused to work >.< So this is FLASH, I’ll link this over there…

So yes, Panos is not canon I know (though I wish he was and will be so heartbroken when he isn’t anymore ^^; ) but for now this is my headcanon for where he is in the canon storyline.

Aranea says that the dream bubbles can have you dance around your loved ones for eternity, never meeting…but I believe they can also keep you isolated away from them. This is one of those moments. Pan is still asleep, he hasn’t found his way out of the dream bubble yet, just stays stuck forever trapped in this one moment. And Aranea…she can always find him no matter what, they have a red string tied between them after all, they can find each other in any life. So she can see him, and she’s powerless to help at all, just like she was when this moment he’s trapped in happened (talk about an extended guilt trip); it’s up to him to wake up on his own…when the time is right.

Yup, deep meanings both obvious and not 😆 Bonus points to anyone who catches something I didn’t say but is a very big part of this piece 😆

This also got me hooked on the Nightwish song Sleeping Sun. All I did was Google “sleeping knight lyrics” for a quote to go with this, and it gave me that, and I have fallen in love with that song. I dub it the (un)official Panos/Aranea theme.


Aranea © Homestuck © Andrew Hussie
Panos/Beta!Summoner concept © me

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