Hewlett Packard Ecommerce CD-ROM (Demo)

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Hewlett Packard Ecommerce CD-ROM (Demo)

in the fall of 1999 i produced a cd in flash for hewlett-packard to promote their new small business ecommerce package. it had some interesting programming that dynamically created menus depending on the content but we later had to drop that out so the content could be separated onto individual cds. this was a fun chance to do some full screen design and play with subtle but visually enticing interface transitions.

the hp cd was a collaborative piece that went through a billion revisions, but came out nicely in the end anyway. judith zissman of was the project producer. i did the programming, and designed the intro movie and short transition segments that appear between categories in the main menu. a freelancer created the main interface designs which i then animated. simon edwards did the audio.

if you’re on windows, you can download the .zip file containing the entire contents of the cd (2.5mb), then open moock-hp.exe. or, you can just view the transitions below:

revision history february 15, 2000: posted.


Transitions 2 and others are in the Additional Apps section.

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HP Ecommerce Sales CD


Hewlett Packard Ecommerce CD-ROM (Demo) screenshots

Hewlett Packard Ecommerce CD-ROM (Demo) Gameplay

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