Halloween Panic!

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Halloween Panic is a game that was designed, planned, and made within 10 days! Designed as a relief project for a friend who was scammed by a cold-hearted homeless man, all proceeds will go to this friend. At the writing of this document, two of us have not slept for 4 days straight. Ok, so we had a couple 2-hour naps, but you get the idea.

This is a beta release, per se, and we plan on adding a few other features that are nearly completed in the next version. Check back with us often!


-Citnam – Funy-mony – Domreinalabaster

EDIT: Fixed a hang bug at the end of some levels. Fixed (hopefully) some occasional menu button bugs. Enjoy!

EDIT 2: Flash. How we love you; how we hate you. Fixed menu bug again. For sure this time.

Version: 1.2

Halloween Panic! screenshots


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