God’s Playing Field

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Find out what God really does with his free time!

Author Comments:

Thanks to UkDjNerate for helping with the drums on the main music. Everything else, I did.
CURRENT VERSION = 1.04 (Updated 8/18/05)
CURRENT BUGFIXES: Quality on lipsyncing, decreased file size(sounds), can’t have less than 0 enemies, notice goes away after 10 seconds
Find out what God really does in his free time! (no offense meant towards God or any religion)
To start killing people in the game, click the FIST. Use the MONEY you earn to buy new ATTACKS. Use the NUKE the first time to see the ENDING and unlock FREESTYLE MODE. asualties will unlock secrets in FREESTYLE MODE.
Please report any bugs you find and I’ll fix them ASAP.
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