Escape from Castle Dragonstone

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Escape from Castle Dragonstone

Classic fantasy roleplaying game ( RPG ) with monsters, riddles and dungeons

Author Comments:

If you like the game please suggest us for the “Adventure” collection.
Join Lev on his travels, through ancient temples, secret passages and an old mine that’s not as empty as it appears… Solve riddles; survive battles and help the goblins as they try to rid themselves of a colony of Cave Spiders. Never losing sight of the burning question: who were the strangers that attacked Lev’s family in order to get their hands on the book he and his sister found? How did they know about it? And what do they want with it?
– Equip a weapon as soon you’ve found one. Fighting is much easier with a weapon in your hand 🙂
– To get out of the castle try to break the flagstones in the cellar with an appropriate tool.
– The order of the world: You have to press the copper plates in the right order. A ‘click’ means the plate was pressed right, ‘gears and chains’ means wrong. Start from the right.
08/12/2009: Update to Version 2.0.0
05/31/2009: Update to Version 1.1.1
05/27/2009: Update to Version 1.1.0

Version: 2.1.0

Escape from the Castle

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