DEMO – Nabari no Ou

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Edit In the right side you can see some japanese words… they are 4 BGs… I think nobody can see it If I don’t say it ;_; you must click in it and drag the BG to where the charas are.

My first attempt with flash so… it has a lot of mistakes… gomen ne! ( ´;д;` )

you can’t use the top buttons. The final work has more than 1000 clothes (you see them clicking the top buttons) X_x but I haven’t finish it correctly and I have no time for it just now…≧д≦ so I post some random clothes in the demo :\
It was a gift for *inma ( > ◡ < )~❤ but I never finished it... gomen ne, Inma! ≧△≦

Characters©Nabari no Ou

✖Don’t steal or redistribute this work without my permission, onegai…(´・ω・` )ノ

DEMO – Nabari no Ou screenshots


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