Damnation: The Shootout (demo)

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Damnation: The Shootout (demo)

Demo Shootout scene from the Damnation Game

Author Comments:

This is a preview! It’s a part of the Damnation game. It was modified to be a bit more difficult in order to extend the gameplay.
The Damnation episode was in delay so I decided to release the best level in it as a seperate game. Since the full game is already finished, you better play it instead of this demo.
Doom sfx
Counter-Strike Cold Fusion
Sfx were extracted from DOOM using:
Wintex 4.3
Don Davis – Trinity Infinity (The Matrix)
Music edited using:
AudioConvert 1.1.245
Wave Flow 4.1
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Damnation: The Shootout (demo) screenshots


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