Cute Puppy

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Check out my adorable pet, girls! Itโ€™s a loving puppy, a sweet and playful one and Iโ€™m sure you are going to love him instantly. We are about to play start playing one of his favorite gamesโ€ฆ we are getting ready for a fun dress up session! But first, letโ€™s customize his look in order to make sure it looks as lovely as possible: select a pair of big, wondering eyes and a pair of ears too, then decide on the muzzle and donโ€™t forget to also find a matching tail for a complete look! Great job, ladiesโ€ฆ now letโ€™s play some dress up! Select a shirt or a cute princess gown to dress your puppy up with, change its color in order to better match the dogโ€™s fur shade, and once the main decision was taken, look for some statement accessories to complement the final look up with! A beaded collar or a bright red scarf, a hat or a pink bow would surely make the difference and add some bits of chicness to our puppyโ€™s adorable look! Have a great time playing the โ€˜Cute Puppyโ€™ dress up game here on!

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