Crash Boom Bank

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Jacob has a dream. He wanted to build an amusement park free for all children. But where do we get the money for this project? Jacob showed bankers his project, but they ridiculed him, drove away. Offended, but has not lost hope, he decided to rob the bankers that he was denied. Help Jacob rob banks and to build for the money, the park of his dreams.

Would you like to make all dreams of the protagonist come true? Then do not waste your precious time and try to earn as more money as possible! It is not so easy as it seems to be at first. You have to solve each puzzle correctly, otherwise Jacob will be caught by police. It is so terrible! That is why, this is the only one way to the luxury for this cool and brave guy. Help him at any rate and you will be thanked. He is really smart, but in our world it is not always required, thus Jacob was really angry. Rob the banks and become successful! We know that you are selected!

Notes: Do not resize the window while the game is running, it will tell you that “The application lost the device context!” and lock you out of playing, there is also an error upon completion of a level, that can safely be pressed away without consequences.

Version: 1.0.1

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