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Bowman 2 is a free archery-shooting game with simple stickman animation. This is the sequel to your favorite archery game, Bowman. In this online game, your objective is to aim your arrow and hit your living opponents. You can play the game in four modes: computer, human, practice, and bird hunting. Choose the computer if you want to play on your own to compete against an AI. If you have a friend over, then you can choose the two-player mode to take turns at taking shots at each other. If you rather just play casually you can either practice or choose to shoot down birds. When fighting against archers, you’ll want to aim for the head to get a clean kill. Otherwise, you may only injure your enemy which means they can still take you out. Although your objective is to kill, this is a slow-paced game that requires thought and skill versus speed and strength. Practice your archery skills and aim well with this casual shooter game. Test. test 2


To play Bowman 2, click and drag left mouse button to aim and draw back your arrow. Release to shoot. Pay attention to both the angle and strength of each shot to get an instant kill.

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