Ark & Kerrigan Battle Rocks

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Ark & Kerrigan Battle Rocks

The idea for this movie came to mew while listening to the original Remix. As with โ€œFinal Fantasy Tribute,โ€ when listening to it I kept visualizing people running around chasing each other. I realized that sadly, I have been ignoring Ark & Kerrigan so I decided to use them in this feature.
I was unsure how the movie would turn out, because it is different from what I normally do. But I soon discovered it worked just fine. Making it in sync with the music happened near the beginning of animating when it was naturally happening on itโ€™s own.
Fun Fact: The guy selling the ice cream is โ€œXiphon,โ€ who grew the background. The girl on the swing is also a friend of mine. The person pushing her, is me.

Ark + Kerrigan Battle Rocks

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