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Arc of Life Chiropractic Centre is a clinic operation fully owned and managed by Dr Andrew Ching, who is an American citizen with Singapore PR status. He together with his wife and two children have made Singapore their home, thus anchoring himself and his clinic in Singapore. Many of Dr Andrewโ€™s patients have been with him for several years and he has even seen some through their pregnancy journey. Sharing their joy on the arrival of their little bundles, Dr Andrew also sees their babies in the clinic for regular chiropractic care.

In our clinic, we firmly believe in educating people to have their spines checked as early in life as possible. In line with advocating this belief, our clinic gladly extends FREE chiropractic cranial care to children under the age of three months, so long as the expectant mother is an active patient under our care during her pregnacy.

Besides customizing chiropractic treatment according to each individualโ€™s report of findings, our clinic also dispenses specific exercise protocols for each and every patient to further complement their chiropractic care. We teach patients various posture-based exercises unique to each patientโ€™s postural imbalances, to help them better โ€˜holdโ€™ a new posture pattern more ideal to them. We also incorporate traction for patients who have lost their natural curvature (we call this curvature โ€œarc of lifeโ€) in their neck. This is to help recondition ligaments that have been deformed over time by either prolonged poor posture or other physical trauma.

We also work closely with a select network of very experienced personal trainers who specialize in functional training and core stability and we would be glad to recommend them to you if you are looking to engage a personal trainer. Before starting your fitness regime, our doctor will liaise with your personal trainer on the specific areas of concern as found in your report of findings. This will be closely monitored and communicated between your chiropractor and personal trainer during your entire course of care.

Additionally, we firmly believe in imparting knowledge to our patients about chiropractic philosophies and other health matters, so as to help them better understand and relate to their health concerns, thereby making informed decisions on all matters concerning their health. Hence, as part of our educational program, we conduct weekly health workshops for our patients and their family and/or friends, on various topics from posture, to nutrition, stress management, etcโ€ฆ

At Arc of Life Chiropractic, our goal is to offer quality chiropractic care to everyone who seeks our services. We believe everyone deserves an abundant and healthy life. We are committed to helping people, and doing so with the best care possible to help our patients attain better health and optimal wellness. Your achievement of better health is our ultimate reward.


Company is from Singapore.

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