Applejack the Sniper FINISHED

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Applejack the Sniper FINISHED

Previously from [link] , I finally finished it! Phew, took me hours to work this one out, a whole full day concentration without gaming, that took me around 2 to 3 days instead. 😉

Hope you all enjoy the full and finished animated version. Just click on the crosshairs and then you get to hear Applejack talk, although I can’t do anything but using Left 4 Dead’s Zoey voice instead, don’t expect Ashleigh Ball to voice over here, that is impossible.

But whatever, enjoy her sniping and reloading in animated form!

EDIT : I reuploaded this to fix the preloader problem and also to fix the black vertical line which it normally overlaps the hunting rifle, not the other way round.

Left 4 Dead sound effects (C) Valve
My Little Pony (C) Hasbro

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Applejack the Sniper FINISHED screenshots

Applejack the Sniper FINISHED Gameplay

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