A Plumber’s Best Friend (tribute)

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A Plumber’s Best Friend (tribute)

8 months past, since I last checked on this video/animatic/feels.
I remember sending this to Mathew Taranto, and I was very happy and lucky enough to get a humble response! Then, to my embarrassment, made me go on a Yoshi art/animation rampage. Subtle free. Silly Pikachu plz

And then the most amazing thing happened afterwards. But that is another story altogether. Just remind me to not wait for another year to tell it ^^;


For those of you that require the youtubees:

The beautiful original here:â€Ļ

Alright, sweaty palms aside, UPLOADed!


Animation based on comic 550 – Plumber’s Best Friend by Brawl in the Family.

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A Plumber's Best Friend (tribute) Gameplay

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