3125 A.D.

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Battle a slew of robots in this great FPS.

Author Comments:

After about six months of work, and countless hours, 3125 A.D. is finally completed. I am satsified with how it has turned out.

I fixed as many bugs as i could find in the game. If you see anymore, please write a review and tell me of these bugs.

I’m open to any questions, comments, or constructive criticism. Hope you enjoy!!

Note: Unless you’re running a very speedy computer, i highly suggest running this game with a medium or low quality. The game will lag if you don’t. Just right click, go down to quality, and choose the quality.

Edit: Fixed a couple of problems mentioned. Hope this helps.


Cheat codes: – Lots of Ammo: Ammo R’ Us – Lots of Health: Can’t Touch This – Lots of Ammo: Show Me The Money – Lots of Lives: Life After Death – All guns: Up Your Arsenal – Bonus boss: Genebot

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3125 A.D. screenshots

3125 A.D. Gameplay

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