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Notes: This is 4399 version of Bejeweled Blitz Comparing the 4399 version of the game to “Bejeweled Blitz Regular”, the official version, it’s heavily “downgraded”. Here are the differences : – 1. The only special gem in this version is Flame gem, which is created by lining up 4+ gems in a row or intersection lines. It looks like a “blue-colored lighting” gem but it only destroys itself. 2. No multiswap and you can’t even drag a gem with another. 3. No “buy boosts” and no coin gem. 4. The alarm board animation is ruined. 5. When the timer runs out, it will restart the board and you won’t be stopped. If you achieve a new high score, the high score registration message box appears. Interestingly, unlike the official version, when you run out of moves, the game will shuffle all gems on the board

Bejeweled Blitz

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